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Ananya Pandey takes objection to Trump calling Modi ‘Father of India’, says the whole world knows father of India is Jonty Rhodes

26, Sep 2019 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai. Ananya Pandey was recently asked a question about which film she believes is overrated. “A film that you think is overrated?” the interviewer asked. To which, Ananya Panday said after a moment of thinking, “The Godfather, I haven’t seen it.” Ananya has a knack of giving funny answers.

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Recently when she was asked about commenting on who discovered Gravity she said that she hasn’t watched the Clooney movie and would not answer it before watching it. But she is not just giving funny answers, she is here to teach a lesson to world leaders who have a low GK quotient. Ananya felt angry when Trump called Modi the father of India.

Ananya says that the whole world knows that father of India is Jonty Rhodes. She accused Trump of giving irresponsible comments and embarrassing the Rhodes family. We are yet to hear from Jonty himself but we are sure that he will appreciate the way Ananya is fighting for their family.

Ananya also told Faking News that if given a chance she would like to ask the question personally to Trump about why he keeps giving such stupid comments. Glad to know we finally have a Bollywood actress who fights for people’s rights and is not shy to comment on important issues.