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Anil Kapoor uses Bangalore water to get rid of his body hair

14, Jul 2014 By nitingpt09

Bangalore. It is a well known fact that Anil Kapoor has been trying to get rid of his body hair, which could soon we recognized as “disproportionate assets” by the Income Tax department, forcing the Bollywood start to pay hefty taxes and penalty.

Last year, the ageless hunk had unsuccessfully tried to remove his chest hair using a land mower and hurt himself in the process, but latest reports suggest that the hirsute heartthrob has now finally got rid of his body hair.

Anil Kapoor
Anil Kapoor before his life changing Bangalore visit.

Talking exclusively to Faking News, Anil Kapoor thanked Bangalore tap water for this hair raising removing magic.

“I was shooting in Bangalore a few weeks back and during my stay there, I realized that Bangalore tap water had natural hair removing properties,” the actor said, “My body hair had made me famous for a long time, but it was no longer considered sexy to have so-much body hair. In fact, recent movies have seen actors with no chest hair, or even those with waxed legs!”

“I had been looking for an easy option to get rid of them,” he continued, “As waxing was very painful exercise and permanent-laser-hair-removal was neither permanent nor as effective, I decided to go for the ultimate hair remover – the Bangalore tap water.”

“Though it removes body hair much slowly when compared to head hair, which starts vanishing within a week, it is the best option available since it is painless, permanent, natural, and most importantly, free of cost,” Anil Kapoor showered praises on Bangalore water.

“I would recommend it to everyone looking for a cost-effective way to get rid of hair,” he added, “But you have to be very careful while using it. You have to make sure it doesn’t makes any contact with your head, unless you want to go bald as well.”

After this revelation by Anil Kapoor, sources tell Faking News that companies like Garnier and Veet have already started research to extract compounds from Bangalore water to produce an effective and permanent hair removal cream.

This news has been welcomed by Bangalore residents who always knew that the local water deserved to be world famous. “While Anil Kapoor has made it to good use, some people have been misusing it,” a local resident claimed.

In one of such incidents of misuse, Anupam Khare, a student of Bangalore University, was arrested this morning by police after he was caught throwing a bucket full of tap water on a girl named Rakhi Saavan.

“Rakhi, who is Anupam’s batchmate, is popular in the university for never rejecting any proposal, even if she is dating 10 guys at a time, but she rejected Anupam’s proposal saying she didn’t date bald guys. This led to an intense feeling of revenge in Anupam, and he tried to attack her with local water,” a police official confirmed.

Sources claim that Anupam had normal long hair before relocating to Bangalore, but he was unaware of the power of local water. Also it was only his first semester, so he still had the bad habit of taking bath daily. Before he could realize, the water had already shown its effect, and then it was too late for him.

Rakhi was immediately taken to the nearest salon and she is still under observation, though hair stylists have declared that her hair was out of danger now.

After his incident and Anil Kapoor’s revelation, local hair activists have demanded free shower caps for Bangalore residents.