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Anti-CAA protesters who vandalized multiplex later found to be Dabangg 3 viewers who were not happy with the movie 

24, Dec 2019 By @jurnoleast

A group of men believed to be anti-CAA protesters, who vandalized a multiplex in Delhi, were apprehended by cops today. However they were let off with a warning after cops found out that they were just Dabangg 3 viewers who were not happy with the movie.

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It didn’t take much time for mainstream media to report the incident as a protest by those opposing the citizenship bill. OB vans stationed outside the multiplex reported the event as one fueled countrywide unrest against the Govt.

Eyewitness say a group of 20 men went around vandalizing the multiplex property and beating the staff at the counter. The group was joined by other who just left the auditorium after watching Salman’s latest movie. Some other who had come to see the move, after hearing the review, joined the rampage.

“I came here with my girlfriend. Spent 300 on the tickets and 1000 bucks on the popcorn. And all I get is 3 hours of headache. When I asked for a refund they refused, which left me enraged,” remarked one those arrested while speaking to our reporter.

Even hardcore Salman fans couldn’t help themselves from venting their frustration. Multiplex owners too were not happy at being at the receiving end. Some of them even threatened to stop screening Salman’s movies. ‘Why should we bear the brunt. Such angry response was also witnessed after Tubelight was released. But we somehow managed to placate them. This cannot be happening every time,”

Faking News tried contacting Salman for his reaction on the issue. The actor was however busy with buying gifts for Sohail and Arbaaz as part of Secret Santa event at his Galaxy apartment.