Anu Malik complains about his new doorbell not working, company clarifies they were afraid he will copy the tune of the doorbell

06, Mar 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. Anu Malik and Pritam give each other fierce competition when it comes to copying. In fact, apparently once Anu Malik accused Pritam of copying one of his songs. Talk about ironic. There are many stories of Anu Malik not invited to discotheques and other party places are people are afraid that he will lift the tunes. But recently what happened to him is pretty weird.


Actually, he had complained about his new doorbell not working. In reply, the door-bell company conveyed that they had provided him a silent door-bell as they were worried that he would copy their original tune.

As expected Anu Malik was pretty angry at the company’s behavior but soon understood their concern. He has promised the door-bell company in writing that he will not copy the tune and will, in fact, provide compensation if he copies it.

Pritam is too worried about his door-bell in the future as the door-bell making companies have pretty strict about someone else taking the credit for their original tunes. There was also a story about Pritam not getting a dial-tone on his cellphone as the telecom company believed that he would copy the dial tone too. Plagiarism not only gives rise to disputes but also generates laughter sometimes.