Anushka answers about KL Rahul’s role in the team, later realizes she was asked about her movie roles

23, Jan 2020 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. Anushka has addressed her critics over Cricket-related issues for which she has come to be targeted many times. Many people say that she is the real coach of the team and she makes all the selection decisions.


And she did not do herself any favor by answering about Kl Rahul’s role in the team when she was actually asked about er next movie roles.

Anushka was talking to the press about her new projects and a reporter asked her about how she chooses the roles. She answered that the experienced players are given the role of finishers and the younger players are told to express themselves on the field. Full support is given to the younger players to establish themselves in the team.

She also spoke at length about KL Rahul’s importance in the team and how he adds balance to the squad. She answered for about 30 minutes after which the reporter felt bored and told her that he was actually asking about her next roles in the movies.

She felt a bit embarrassed but then gathered herself and started talking about her next projects which were also exciting for the reporters.