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Arindam Chaudhuri launches political party, to contest elections

22, Mar 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

Kolkata. Sick of his criticism of economic, social, and other policies falling on the deaf ears of the political class, management guru Arindam Chaudhuri has decided to join politics and change the face of India forever. He has announced formation of a political party called Intelligent Indian Political Movement (IIPM), which would be fielding candidates on each and every seat in the upcoming West Bengal assembly elections.

“Dare to think beyond Didi, Dada or Buddha!” the charismatic leader gave his trademark call for change to the people of West Bengal in a press conference early today, “Give a chance to IIPM; we are already number one in terms of fielding the number of candidates.”

IIPM, Arindam Chaudhuri, Election poster
The election symbol, not yet approved by Election Commission of India, of IIPM has been chosen as a “Pony”. Prof. Chaudhuri claimed that it was modeled on the “Donkey” symbol of the Democratic Party of USA and rejected any other symbolism whatsoever.

To begin with, IIPM has got only a national president in Prof. Arindam Chaudhuri, who called on enterprising and upright citizens of India to join him and strengthen the party structure. Prof. Chaudhuri gave a “free” manifesto of the party on the occasion and informed that IIPM was looking for eligible candidates for the elections.

“The selected candidates would get a free laptop and would get to visit the campus of Harvard Kennedy School of Government,” Prof. Chaudhuri declared and accused other political parties like the DMK in Tamil Nadu, which had recently announced free laptops for voters, of copying his style of working.

“At IIPM, we have always practiced today what others follow tomorrow,” Prof. Chaudhuri reiterated, though rejected any possibility of IIPM fielding candidates in the upcoming Tamil Nadu elections, “Our current focus is West Bengal, but we would surely open our branches in other states of India once we form the government in West Bengal.”

In its manifesto, IIPM has promised to turn West Bengal into “number one” state in India on some parameter that would be disclosed later.

“Our talks are in the final stages,” Prof. Chaudhuri responded when a journalist asked if Shah Rukh Khan would be invited to campaign for his party.

When Faking News asked if IIPM was recognized by the Election Commission of India, Prof. Chaudhuri said that he would select a Chief Minister after the election results were announced.