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Arindam’s next best-seller to clear the air on “Inception”

24, Jul 2010 By Pagla Ghoda

IIPM Towers, New Delhi. Are you one of those movie goers who are not able to understand Inception, the latest Hollywood sensation? Are you getting weird dreams and dreams within those, and further dreams within those? If that is true then you need not worry because B-school evangelist and leader of young minds, Arindam Chaudhuri, has a solution for you.

To eliminate the moral confusion of students and movie geeks about Christopher Nolan’s latest flick Inception, Arindam Chaudhuri is coming out with a new book, rather best-seller, by the name “Count your dreams before you get a kick”.

Chaudhuri, who is widely acknowledged as an expert on dreams by virtue of being the founder of The Great Indian Dream Foundation, was addressing a press conference here. “I know these are the times of great confusion for all movie fans. Initially I was also confused and thought that the name of the movie was ‘Infection’ and it was a documentary on HIV AIDS. But later I realized it was on dreams, a topic I have always loved to talk about.” Arindam said with a smile.

Arindam Chaudhuri
Unconfirmed reports suggest Mr. Arindam Chaudhuri can plant ideas or dreams successfully in an individual’s mind, a rare feat known as Inception

All this apparently began when Arindam wrote a riveting news article in his riveting political news magazine ‘Saturday Night Indian’ and tore the movie Inception into bits and pieces. “I did a very incisive analysis, which my fans, worshippers and students alike appreciated, but I was not at all satisfied and then I pledged to write a book on the topic.” he further added.

Although Mr. Chaudhuri neither confirmed nor denied the possibilities, it is being rumored that he has planned a full series of books and novels on Inception theme and next in line are “Dare to dream beyond the 4th level” and “Discover the totem in you”.

“Dreams can change your life and your life can be changed by dreams, and if you want to change your life forever come to IIPM. Plus all the students will be provided with free laptops and their personalized free totems.” Mr. Chaudhuri declared with a smile and then raised his left hand to point to the roof. He stayed like that for 5 minutes, which apparently signaled the end of the press conference.