Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora cancel dinner date after no news reporter was found waiting for them outside the restaurant

18, Feb 2019 By @jurnoleast

Celeb couple Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora cancelled their dinner date on Valentines Day at a posh restaurant in Bandra after no news reporter was seen there to cover the event.

The couple who are used to being followed by paparazzi on most occasions were shocked to see the pavement outside the restaurant without any trace of human presence.

Eyewitness say that Malaika was livid even as Arjun tried to pacify her and frantically made calls to get someone to take pictures of the couple on V-day. “These media wallahs are usually lurking around outside the restaurant. I have even seen some of them sleeping on the footpath hoping to spot a celeb,” revealed a patron of the restaurant.

An upset Malaika wrote a strongly worded letter the the Editor-in-Chief of the media house expressing her displeasure over the entire incident. In his reply the Chief apologized to the couple and assured that he’d allocate more staff outside the airport, beauty parlor, restaurant, gym and all such places frequented by the couple.

“What happened was terrible. We have suspended the erring reporter and cameraman for their negligence. To ensure that it does not happen again we have created a Whatsapp group with the couple and news reporters are group members. Malaika can update her whereabouts on Whatsapp making it convenient for our reporters to cover it,” revealed the Editor.

Though Malaika was happy with the gesture, a few reporters were not too pleased. “I am already part of the Taimur Group on Whatsapp. These celebs don’t realize that we are humans. Can’t be at several places at the same time. My morning shift is outside the gym covering Janhavi, then afternoon is Taimur’s play school time and evening is celeb spotting outside the airport,” complained a reporter of an entertainment website.