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Armaan Kohli arrest fuels diplomatic row between humans and snakes

17, Dec 2013 By idiot420

Lonavala. Recent arrest of Armaan Kohli from the Bigg Boss house for allegedly assaulting alleged actress Sofia Hayat has sparked a diplomatic row between humans and snakes.

Both communities have been living at peace with each other just like Pakistan and India have been living next to each other. While there have been many diplomatic tensions between India and Pakistan, this is the first reported between humans and snakes.

Sources tell Faking News that snakes in general and ichchhadhari (shape-shifting) snakes in particular are irked after Armaan Kohli’s arrest, who is reportedly one of them as shown in the movie Jaani Dushman.

Armaan Kohli
The alleged snake in human form, before he was arrested by human forms.

Talking to Faking News, a prominent leader of ichchhadhari snake community, Nagraj said, “It is not like we are supporting a man who manhandled a woman, we are just saying it’s too harsh and unnatural. On the contrary, humans should thank him that he didn’t bit her, which you must be knowing is our natural reaction.”

“And Sofia Hayat, who claims to be an animal lover in her Twitter bio, is behaving like a hypocrite. What she did with Armaan has exposed her,” added a visibly upset Nagraj.

However, humans are not ready to hear snakes’ argument and gave them a blatant warning to follow rules and laws if they want to live with humans.

But this warning has only exacerbated the situation. A Naag Baba, who used to visit a Shiv mandir near Bhopal on daily basis, did not appear today.

“It is a very ominous sign,” feared a local villager, “Government should try to find a solution.”

Intelligence agencies have also alerted government of a possible attack on lock up where Arman has been kept.

“We have avoided to keep him in normal jail, as there was a possibility that he would escape by changing his avatar. So, he has been kept in a glass house and a group of snake charmers are guarding him,” said Lonavala police chief.

“They are constantly playing been, so that disguised ichchhadhari naags planning to attack the jail could be easily pointed out,” the chief explained.

Sources close to the snake community have revealed that Armaan had reportedly captured all policemen faces in his eyes while they were arresting him.

“Snakes normally use this picture as future reference to take revenge. It may be possible that Armaan will send this image to Tanisha over WhatsApp, and she will take revenge,” disclosed a source.