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Arnab Goswami completes counting one million seconds on Newshour

22, May 2015 By MRP

Mumbai. One of the main activities that goes on in Arnab Goswami’s News Hour is his measuring time in seconds. While the reason for or the strategy behind this is still not known to the rest of the world, one would have observed Arnab saying “One sec, one sec, one sec” all the time, right from before the show begins till after it ends.This has now become by far the most uttered sentence in the history of television. At about one and half hours into the show last Thursday, Arnab achieved this milestone of having counted one million seconds.

“One sec, one sec, one sec everybody
“One sec, one sec, one sec everybody”

While even the experts on the Goswami Phenomenon are at loss as to why he does this for no apparent reason, they have their own guesses. One says, “Arnab used to be a normal journalist and news program anchor. But once he became the greatest journalist of all times on the greatest show on earth from the No. 1 news channel in the world, he started counting seconds. Maybe being in such a position, he is required to behave like that.”

Another expert however differed. “Success, perceived or real and popularity, perceived or real can do such things to people. Maybe he does this to let the panellists know that they are wasting his time. If you observe, he counts seconds exactly when others are talking. It is like saying, ‘hey, I am doing you a favour by inviting you to the greatest show in earth. Only I am supposed to talk. Not you. ’ ”

While the debate goes on, the panellists on the show have a novel use for this rare phenomenon. They use this to measure the amount of time they have been panellists on the News Hour, and according to them, hence a measure of their importance and popularity.

Maroof Raja seems to be the biggest beneficiary by clocking five hundred thousand seconds, with General Bakshi doing four hundred thousand. Several others like Sanjay Jha, Manish Tiwari, Meenakshi Lekhi and Ravishankar Prasad have counted upwards of two hundred thousand each.