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Arnab's LalitGate all set to beat BR Chopra's Mahabharat as longest running war serial

29, Jun 2015 By dasu

Mumbai: LalitGate, the new war and battle based reality TV serial directed by Arnab Goswami exclusively for Times Now, is set to be the longest running war serial. It has managed to comfortably beat the record held by BR Chopra’s Mahabharata which ran for ninety four consecutive episodes during late eighties.

The executive producer of the show who is close to Arnab spoke to us on the condition of anonymity.  He started the interview by telling, “Unlike Mahabharata, which was pre-recorded, edited & then telecast on weekly basis, the LalitGate serial will run in live telecast mode on daily basis as the most of the reality TV serials run these days. We have requested all the actors belonging to different political parties and civil society members to come well prepared for the battle, as there will be no chance for retakes.”

Arnab's Mahabharat Lalitgate
Arnab’s Mahabharat beats the original as the longest running war serial

One key observation by Faking News was that the same set of spokespersons were attending the show regularly. As per the executive producer of the serial, “Some of them have conceded during off the record conversation that other party members are not interested to participate as they are afraid Arnab might charge them of wrongdoing anytime as every day the serial take new twist and turns. Defending party or other stalwarts from your party is manageable to some extent, but defending yourself on a live show is really tough.”

“We have full sympathy for the ones who are participating and playing key characters in this serial. We also know without their support our serial will come to an abrupt end. It is our duty to help them during these high intensity debates for which we have increased the number of breaks. During those breaks, Arnab gives them access to call their party headquarters or anyone to strategize and realign their arguments as per the latest development.”

The executive producer further added, “In last fifteen episodes we have covered hardly ten percent of the explosive material we possess. Please note we have more than 50 news reporters who are on the ground to collect more proof and material. I can see some parties have taken a high moral stand now and feel like their party is on the ascendancy. I would like to warn them not to be carried away. Like Sony’s CID serial, there will be major twists and turns next week. I am afraid some major embarrassment is in store for some of them who are laughing right now like Draupadi was laughing when Duryodhana fell in water.”

When Faking News asked about the TRP LalitGate was getting right now, the executive producer told us, “The report I am getting from the ground is of unprecedented success. With Bangladesh series over and no Khan movies till Eid, I expect there would a huge surge in TRP’s. This is the biggest bet the channel has taken after #AnnaKiAugustKranti which was a golden jubilee hit as it ran for more than 50 consecutive days. I expect this has the potential to be platinum hit minimum, may be much more than that.”

The executive producer concluded the interview by telling “Ye to bas trailer hai, picture abhi baki hai mere dost”.