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Arnab’s Newshour gets over in 5 minutes as all the panelists did not argue & agreed with whatever he said

01, May 2015 By dasu

Mumbai. Viewers got shock of their lives as  the Newshour program which usually runs for more than two hours got over in five minutes today.

This happened as all the panelists attending the show decided not to argue with each other and agree with whatever Arnab says. Arnab tried hard to provoke them. He went outside of what was written on the print outs to ask questions like “Is Modi secular”, “Is Rahul the most eligible PM candidate in waiting”, “Is Uday chopra the best talent our film industry has”. To his surprise all the panelist nodded their head and told yes to every question.

One of the senior panelist Sanjay Jha who has spent more time in Times Now studio than with his family from the time he joined Congress spoke to us on condition of anonymity, “When Congress hired me they told there are few challenges before them, you need to defend our indefensible prime minister Mr Singh in the show hosted by Arnab Goswami. As if this was not enough, in addition they told me to defend Gandhi family too.”

A shocked Arnab!
A shocked Arnab!

Sanjay added, “not many know this & I must confess, I did this for Arnab Goswami. He wanted his show to run for years discussing same mundane topics and still be on top of TRP ratings. Arnab whose paternal grandfather was from Congress told me there is no one in the grand old party who will be able to last for fifteen minutes in his show. To save career of a young journalist who left his job at NDTV to start something new and unique for Indian television, I took the offer from Congress”.

He always thought he is helping the younger generation in developing better group discussion skill in a hostile environment where best of the best will fail to speak to a word which makes sense.

Doctors advised him not to participate as his BP was going up and few times his wife told him not to address her as Nirmala Sitharaman or Smriti Irani during domestic arguments. On top of this Sanjay could not believe his son was thrown out of school group discussion as he used the same tactics followed in newshour show.

For the sake of his family, he wanted to change his life and become like Ashoka post Kalinga war. He realized if Bhajji and Symonds can become friends, why he cannot he do the same with Ravi Shankar Prasad for whom he has so much respect.

He tried to convince the fellow panelists who attend the Newshour show regularly to change their way of functioning. He told them, all of us get our pay packets per show basis & there is no extra bonus to abuse each other, why to fall in to the trap laid by Arnab?

Last we heard as nation wants to know, Arnab has hired Sony’s CID team to find the truth behind this with in a day.