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As "Birdman" wins best picture award at the Oscars, man who earlier found it boring now reconsidering his opinion

23, Feb 2015 By idiot420

Bangalore. 24 year old Prakash, who earlier didn’t like the movie Birdman, is now reconsidering his opinion after the American black comedy drama won four awards, including the best picture title at the 2015 Oscars.

Prakash says, he is a quick learner and is trying his best to develop a taste in movies, movies which win top international awards.

It’s an Oscar winner, you have to like it.

“It was my fault that I thought of it as a boring movie. Now, that Oscar’s jury thinks it’s the best movie, who am I to say no,” an apologetic Prakash told Faking News adding that he would be watching Birdman again and again to understand the hidden meaning which he missed while watching it for first time.

“I should have been more alert while watching the movie. When I was a kid, my dad always used to say that one should keep their eyes, ears and mind open while reading, watching or listening to anything. Wish I had paid attention to my dad’s words, then I wouldn’t have missed the hidden symbolic meaning in the Birdman,” rued a sad Prakash, who is now determined to never commit such a mistake in future.

Taking preemptive measures, Prakash is thinking to start loving a Hollywood movie the moment he gets a feeling that he is failing to understand the movie.

“It’s better than eating your own words, as such kind of movies often end up winning Oscars and other top international awards,” reasoned Prakash justifying his plan, “However, I will be doing this only for American and European movies, as in India, there is a filter mechanism which automatically redirects such artsy movies towards critics choice awards.”

Prakash appreciates the fact that Bollywood understands his needs very well, and it makes sure that he is never embarrassed once.

“Award shows in India let the masses be who they are and not force them into liking something too offbeat,” Prakash explained claiming that more than half of the America is liking Birdman because of peer pressure, “I wish they had something like Filmfare Awards and ZEE Cine Awards.”