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As PK collection crosses 300 cr, producers thank superstitions because of which the movie was possible

05, Jan 2015 By idiot420

Mumbai. Soon after PK’s domestic collection crossed the magical figure of 300 cr, producers of Aamir starrer film have thanked religious superstitions because of which the movie was possible in the first place.

Speaking to media at a press conference in the city, Hirani was all praise for superstitions and irrational rituals that have been widely criticized in the movie.

“Thanks to cast, crew and religious superstitions”

“To be honest, wherever PK is today, all because of those silly practices. Without them, it was impossible to create such a splendid show at the box office,” said Hirani, adding that any negative thing that we see in the society, has a hidden money-minting potential, and probably that’s the only good thing about those things.

“From a producer point of view I can’t express how much I appreciate the act of pouring milk over Shiv linga, despite the fact that my director self disapproves of this practice. After all it was one of the practices, criticizing which helped my movie cross 300 crore,” Hirani continued, “However, spotting the right thing to criticize is very necessary. Count of target audience should be sufficient and tolerant enough to help you make your selection commercially viable.”

Hirani further revealed that it was Aamir Khan who taught him how to find positives aspects in negative things.

“In order to spot the right opportunity, you always have to keep your eyes open. They are in front of you, all you need to do is to pick them up, go in front of camera and tell people that these are bad things,” Hirani explained the business mantra taught to him by Aamir Khan, “This is the only positive way in which we can use these superstitions. It’s a very business-friendly way of eradicating superstitions from the society.”

As per Hirani, he will thank all religious superstitions while receiving every award that he is going to get for PK.

Sources further reveal to Faking News that at PK success party, rituals which have been criticized  in the movie will be performed.

“It doesn’t mean PK makers are promoting those rituals. It’s just that those rituals will be there at the party as honored guests,” disclosed a source close to Hirani, “They are equally responsible for movie’s success.”