Atlantic Ocean was a desert before they started eating beef in the west: Payal Rohatgi

30, Aug 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: After linking Kerala floods to beef eating, actress celebrity former Bigg Boss contestant Payal Rohatgi has made another sensational claim related to the consumption of beef. She has claimed that the Atlantic Ocean was a huge desert a few years ago and it became an ocean after a really heavy spell of rain once they started consuming beef in the western world.

Tweeting from her Twitter account, Payal said,” The great Atlantic desert received uninterrupted rain for several days because they started hurting the religious feelings of people by consuming beef. It stopped after a few days to give people a chance to repent but they continued beef consumption so it started raining again.”

In her next tweet, she added,” It rained for several months, entire landmass was covered with water and eventually it stretched all the way to the other side of America to cover the Pacific desert as well to make a Pacific Ocean there. You can’t hurt religious sentiments and get away.”

Speaking to Faking News, a noted expert of beef-climate studies said,” We can’t reject her claims because there may be some truth to it. You see how Japan suffers from regular earthquakes, tsunamis etc, they produce the famous Kobe beef. They should try and ban beef and then maybe they won’t suffer any more natural calamities.

We approached Payal Rohatgi for her comment on the Uttarakhand floods but she refused to give us the reasons behind that.