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Audience running away from theatre showing Race 3 causes stampede.

17, Jun 2018 By Guest Patrakar
Mumbai: The Salman Khan starrer, Race 3, hit theatres a day before Eid. Ten years after the first Race movie was released, Race 3 was screened this year loaded with big stars and Bobby Deol. The movie didn’t do as well as expected and many Bhai fans were disappointed. Even Taran Adarsh restrained himself from giving the movie a 5-star rating.
While normal disappointment with the movie was common news, one theatre reported a potential tragedy that was eventually averted. Jyoti Cineplex in Bhopal almost witnessed a stampede when the audience started running away in the middle of the show. In order to show Salman Bhai’s extraordinary powers, the movie defeated the laws of physics and this probably caused anguish amongst the audience, leading to the stampede.
Faking News reporter managed to talk to one of the survivors of the stampede, Radhe Mishra. Radhe was a die-hard fan of Salman Khan until he opted physics as one of the subjects in 11th class, after passing 10th class in his 7th attempt. Radhe told Faking News that he used to be a big Bhai and Rohit Shetty fan until last year. Radhe also told us how these Bollywood celebrities are insulting great physicists for their own good. He pointed out various loop holes in the movie and explained how Bhai launching a missile without any recoil motion is defying Newton’s 3rd law.
Though the stampede didn’t result in any casualty, it has given Salman Khan and other Bollywood celebrities a good lesson that the audience are growing intellectually and they won’t tolerate any crap served to them. Reportedly, Rohit Shetty has postponed his upcoming movie, the 6th sequel of Golmaal, after seeing the reactions on Race 3.