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Avid Bigg Boss viewer misses an episode, achieves success in life

01, Jan 2018 By itsmihir1993

An avid follower of the reality show Bigg Boss 11 recently achieved success after he missed out on watching an episode of the most non-scripted show.

Ganesh (33), a resident of Mumbai, missed out on the Bigg Boss 11 episode aired on Friday night after a prolonged power failure in the area. The incident proved to be lucky for him as he achieved overnight success by doing productive stuff in the time he would have otherwise invested in watching Bigg Boss.


Ganesh was all excited after achieving an all-time high success. “It feels good. I started watching Bigg Boss since its inception in 2006, and have not tasted success ever since. For a change, being respected in the society feels good—but I know this is not going to last long as I will soon resume watching the show,” he said. He further compared watching Bigg Boss to falling in love, “In both the cases, you know you will suffer but you do it anyway.”

Family members of Ganesh wrote to the local authorities to cut off electricity every night so that Ganesh continues his success streak. His father, who is making rounds of government offices to sanction his application, said, “I am ready to pay the electricity bill of the entire colony if we are promised a power cut for one hour every night. I can go to any limit to see a change in the society, because change begins at home.”

At the same time, the sudden realisation that he has proved himself in life has saddened Ganesh. He explained his disappointment, “Since I am a successful person in life, I won’t be invited to be a contestant on the show. This is extremely tragic.” He intends to watch Bigg Boss every night so that he can be a loser again and get invited to be a participant on the show.