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After awarding Sanjay Kapoor for being Most Inspiring Bollywood actor, UK Parliament honors Gunda for path-breaking content

04, Oct 2019 By @jurnoleast

Bollywood has added another feather in its cap. Just days after awarding Sanjay Kapoor for being the most inspiring Bollywood actor, cult movie Gunda has been honored for its inspiring content.


The announcement was made and honors accorded to the movie makers yesterday in the House of Commons. Members of the House unanimously agreed that though the move was released decades earlier Gunda’s content was relevant even today.

“The story of an honest man fighting against a gang-lord is presented in the movie with a different perspective than the usual good vs evil. It shows one man’s struggle against injustice. In this day and age, we as humans are struggling against so many issues such as climate change, terrorism and so on,” said the House Speaker while conferring the honor.

Director Kanti Shah, who accepted the award on behalf of team Gunda, said that he was overwhelmed with the love and affection the movie has received till now.

This is the first time that any movie has been bestowed with such an honor in the UK Parliament.

“It is a big achievement. Not even Hollywood could come close. The vision of the directors is also impressive. In once particular scene, the movie shows a coolie who is fighting bad guys at the airport. Till now coolies were only relegated to railway stations. But this paradigm shift. In future we can have coolies working at airports too. This would definitely mitigate the problem of unemployment in the country,” said a Bollywood insider.

Unlike Sanjay Kapoor, the news of Gunda was not met with shock on social media. Though many felt that the movie deserved an Oscar, the honor by UK Parliament was still a step in the right direction.