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Azam Khan's buffalo to be cast as villain in Rohit Shetty's next "Singham Returns Again"

23, Aug 2014 By singham

Mumbai. After huge success of Singham and Singham Returns, Rohit Shetty has expressed desire to proceed forward with Singham’s third venture ‘Singham Returns Again’.

With Prakash Raj in Singham and then Amol Gupte in Singham Returns raising the bar higher for the negative character in respective films, Rohit Shetty is looking forward to cast someone more dangerous and challenging enough for protagonist Bajirao Singham this time.

Recently Rohit came to know about Azam Khan’s buffaloes, who has been giving the UP Police sleepless nights and have run for their jobs and lives, not once but twice. Rohit feels that one of these buffaloes could be a perfect foil for Bajirao in the next Singham movie.

Buffalo attending an acting workshop.
Buffalo attending an acting workshop.

“We are looking forward to the cast The Buffalo in Singham Returns Again once Azam Khan ji gives a go ahead,” Rohit Shetty confirmed while talking to Faking News.

After setting examples in Goa and Maharashtra, Singham will now head to Uttar Pradesh to get the law and order straight, where every day innocents fear for safety of their women buffaloes.

“Don’t think there can be any other antagonist as good as the buffalo posing a bigger challenge to Bajirao Singham. I am sure UP Police will vouch for it!” Rohit added.

To make sure Azam Khan (who loves his buffaloes more than even humans in his constituency) gives the permission, Rohit is also planning to have separate vanity vans for the buffaloes, where they will be treated at par with Ajay Devgn.

However the only issue Rohit is facing is that with a buffalo as villain, he wouldn’t get any reasons to blow up cars, which he so passionately loves.

“We are contemplating a scene where we could show buffalo’s entry a`la Ajay, in which they would come with their four legs on bumper of four cars. After that as a customary thing, we will blow up at least 2 of those cars,” Rohit joyously said, while asking his script writer to incorporate such a scene.

According to our sources the signing amount demanded for the Azam Khan’s buffalo is much higher than that paid to Ajay Devgn for his role as Bajirao Singham.

After this news broke out, some political leaders from UP are quite disappointed and staging protests, because the the movie will show a Marathi Cop Bajirao Singham getting law and order straight in UP and bashing native buffalo.