Baba Siddique feels neglected after people start patching up by sharing Netflix credentials

26, Feb 2020 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. Sacred Games season 2 is the talk of the town and has been receiving mixed reviews. But more than the series, it is the bonding between friends who share Netflix username and password which is of more importance to the country. India sees so many fights among friends and brothers on a daily basis, but with Netflix, now people are getting together.


In last week itself, at least 50k people in Mumbai forgot about their old fight with friends and patched up with friends to get Netflix credentials. People have been calling their friends more often and even the telecom companies are happy. Netflix has been also nominated for the global peace prize after bringing people together.

Only person who is not happy with this progression is Baba Siddique whose main job was to bring people together. He resolved the biggest fight of the century when he brought together Salman and Shah rukh.

Baba has been feeling neglected and has been learning other things to be relevant in this age and world. He is not sure whether he will organize an iftar party this year or not. But he has decided to distribute Netflix credentials among needy engineers to get more people to become his friends.