Baba Siddiqui’s iftaar party video to be released as movie "Hug at Iftaar"

22, Jul 2013 By idiot420

Mumbai. In what could be called a genius marketing move, Bollywood production house FilmiMogli has announced to release the full video recording of Baba Siddiqui’s iftaar party as a feature film named “Hug at Iftaar”, where Salman hugged SRK.

The news is all over social media and Indian news channels since the world peace inducing event took place last evening, and the producers don’t want to miss the opportunity.

“This move will enter 100 crores club within 100 minutes. Box office history will be rewritten,” claimed FilmiMogli’s owner Mr. Bagheera, who also happens to be a close friend of Baba Siddiqui’e.

Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan
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“The small clip that is all over the news channels and social media is just the trailer of the movie. Complete video will show all other details too: How it all started, who ate what, background planning behind this whole patch up, and almost everything from the party will be shown. It will also be acting debut of my dear friend Baba Siddiqui, and I am sure he will get a national award for his outstanding performance,” Bagheera hoped.

Film critic and trade expert Taran Adarsh has already given 5 stars to the unreleased movie while self-declared critic KRK has termed it a bigger hit than Deshdrohi.

But there are some cynics too.

“Was that a hug? Really? The real hug was when Aamir hugged Twinkle in the superhit movie Mela. You couldn’t tell one from the other. The movie will flop,” an Aamir Khan fan told Faking News.

However, producers are least bothered by such criticisms. To recover cost of production, they are planning to auction the HD version of full video to interested (which means all) news channels.

“One news channel has offered us 10 crore rupees for the HD version of the clip, because the nation wants to know everything about Salman and SRK and the channel is committed to get the full movie for whatever it takes,” Bagheera claimed, “We will recover the production cost of the movie even before it’s released.”