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Babus boycott Airlift, claim hurt sentiments as movie shows them working day-night

26, Jan 2016 By Shaitaan Khopdi ™

New Delhi: As Akshay Kumar starer ‘Airlift’ opened to packed theaters and revved reviews across the country, it brought into limelight the MEA officer ‘Sanjiv Kohli’, an unsung hero of the record holding evacuation done by Air India in 1990.

The movie that hurt the feelings of Babus
The movie that hurt the feelings of Babus

It was quite an awakening for an average Indian who realized what Babus in govt offices can manage to do if they actually start working.

As much as it was a matter of being proud, Babus in North Block of Central Secretariat are not happy with all the attention they are getting. Many babus and secretaries were seen walking around nervously sensing the upcoming danger of raised expectations.

Bureaucrats in government offices are particularly unhappy at the scenes where an IFS officer is seen picking/making calls late at night, waiting for hours outside minister’s office to get the important work done.

We don’t bother picking calls even during work hours, and forget waiting for minister’s sign, we can make whole India wait for our signature.

This is a malicious campaign to malign our image from ‘hardly working’ to ‘hard working’ guys. We have approached Pehlaj Nihlani and urged him to use sensor board’s power rather than suggesting useless edits to movies like Kya Kool Hain Hum -3.

A head clerk Ram Bharose told Shaitaan Khopdi™, “I agree that once we decide to do something, we are damn good at it. Imagine, we managed to hide this story for 25 years. Nobody knew of this herculean rescue mission all these years. But now people will expect us to do the same every time any tricky situation comes. Today Army gets called on immediately to manage any situation anywhere in India. But after knowing this story people will expect Babus to work during floods, earthquakes and other calamities.”

Nilesh Kamma, a principal secretary in PWD also expressed concerns at the latest development.

“We always find ways to avoid working and last 1 year has been the golden period for us. Any file that comes from central govt, is blocked by state government; and files coming from state government are held by center”, he explained.

“So does that mean you guys used to work before that?” asked Shaitaan Khopdi™.  Mr NiKamma, as he is famously known in the department smiled and said, “No no my dear. We had devised our own Even-Odd formula to avoid ‘File pollution’ at our desks. Peons coming with even numbered files would be asked to come again ‘tomorrow’, and those with odd numbered files would be asked to come day after tomorrow.”

Another senior official spoke to us, “I am working in MINISTRY OF STATISTICS AND PROGRAMME IMPLEMENTATION for last 27 years and no one knows what is my job. I reach office in morning and leave in the evening. Neither anyone notices, nor bothers. But after watching this film, my grandson got excited and asked me what work I do in the office. I had to file an RTI to know what work my department does. Imagine the embarrassment when I am so close to my retirement!! Such movies must be banned as they can break families and do irreparable damage to the society.”