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Bagheera to be an ichhadhaari Panther in Ekta Kapoor’s Jungle book adaptation, "Mowgli mere aangan kka"

13, Apr 2016 By Pagla Ghoda

Mumbai: Superstar producer Ekta Kapoor has decided to adapt Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book as a religious drama serial called “Mowgli mere aangan kka”. The great success of The Jungle Book film released recently inspired Ekta Kapoor to adapt the book into a TV show.

Mowgli with ichhadhari Bagheera

In a press conference organized by Balaji Telefilms, Ekta Kapoor made the grand announcement. “For a long time I was thinking about doing something different than the usual Saas-Bahu shows that we do so I have decided to make a Saas-Bahu show around Mowgli. The added twist will be the ichhadhaari Bagheera who will continue to accompany Mowgli through all his adventures.”

When Ekta was asked if this serial will be taken seriously by audiences or not, she got very angry, she banged the table with her rings laden fist and said, “Matlab kya hai aapka? I have given back to back hits. I know what people love and they love tears Pushpa, they love tears. When I say I will make audiences cry, I will make them cry. Some cry out of emotion, some out of frustration, and some out of boredom. But THEY ALL DO CRY, UNDERSTAND!!!”

While everyone at Balaji Telefilms was tightlipped about the details of the script, Faking News managed to get hold of the first draft through its sources inside Balaji. As per the script, the story will take place 15 years after the events of The Jungle Book film.

Mowgli is now adopted by a childless millionaire couple in Mumbai, called Mr and Mrs. Oberoi. Mowgli is now renamed as Mihir and is in a love triangle with two women called Mishalika and Vrischika. Mowgli’s foster mother Mrs Komolika Oberoi “Ba” plays both the guardian angel of Mowgli and a vamp for all other characters. Mowgli’s jungle friend Bhageera is shown as an “Ichhadhari Panther” who often comes in Mowgli’s (now Mihir) nightmares and speaks to him about his past. Bhaloo and other friends of Mowgli will be introduced after serial completes its 500th episode.

Bagheera will protect Mowgli in the urban jungle called Mumbai by taking various shapes thanks to his ichhadhaari abilities. Not only will he save Mowgli from mortal dangers, He will even become a cycle at times to save Mowgli from Mumbai’s traffic. Om Puri is reportedly already on board to voice Bagheera in this TV show as well.

As per sources, Ekta Kapoor is also thinking about making Kya Kool Hain Hum 4 starring Mowgli and Ichhadhaari Bagheera starring Tushhar Kapoor as Mowgli. However, they haven’t given the movie a go ahead yet as there are reports that viewers are still mentally scarred from the last time that Tushhar appeared in a chaddi.