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Bahubali 2 tops US box office, Donald Trump vows to build a wall to stop Indian movies from entering US

04, May 2017 By @jurnoleast

After smashing box-office records in India, Bahubali 2 has now topped the US box office too beating Hollywood movies in the race to the top. Rajamouli’s magnum opus which entered the US charts at no.3 quickly rose to the top after managing to wow the audience in US.


President Donald Trump however is not happy with the success of an ‘Indian movie on US charts and has immediately announced that he will be building another wall to block Indian movies from coming to Hollywood. Speaking to media persons at Trump Tower in New York, the President said, “I will keep building walls till America is great again. These Indian movies are invading Hollywood and that is not good. I haven’t watched Bahubali 2 and I don’t intend to. I’d rather spend the weekend playing golf.”

On an earlier occasion too during an election campaign, Donald Trump had expressed his displeasure at Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone getting too many offers from Hollywood. He even went ahead and said that he’d provide reservation to American actors in Hollywood movies if he gets elected.

Adding to his earlier campaign rhetoric, the President said, “Soon our actors will be jobless. I don’t want to end up in a situation where I sit in a theatre to watch Avengers and on the screen I see some guy called Prabhas play Captain America. That’s not happening.”

Trumps latest comments drew sharp criticism from several A-list hollywood celebs. Oscar winner Meryl Streep said, “That man is full of hatred. I think cultural exchange through art should be encouraged. In fact I am planning to watch Bahubali 2 with my family this weekend.”

Though the idea of another wall has received a lot of flak, Trump administration seems unlikely to relent.

“It is up to the flag bearers of art and those who believe in American constitution to speak up,” read a front page opinion piece in Washington Post.

When asked for her comments on Trump’s latest statement Hollywood celeb Kim Kardashian said, “India is exotic and I do Yoga.”