Bajrangi Bhaijaan to be remade in Marathi as Maruti Bhau, to show solidarity between Maharashtra and Bihar

26, Jul 2015 By रामु काका

Mumbai: After Hindi Movie Bajrangi Bhaijaan became a runaway hit, makers of the movie are flooded with requests for remakes in different local languages. Our sources have learnt that Marathi movie industry has shown keen interest.

The plan was to show a Maharashtrian hero Maruti Bhau helping a Bihari kid to reach her home state. Producers said that the movie will give a message of national integrity. But notorious for focusing on non issues; local politician of MMS, Aaj Thackeray, quickly reacted.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan aka Maruti Bhau
Bajrangi Bhaijaan aka Maruti Bhau

He told a Hindi news channel in Marathi, “We will allow shooting in Mumbai, only if changes in script are made as per our wishes. We want Maruti Bhau in movie to help, instead of kid, a Bihari migrant worker reach his home state  safely.  Moreover we want two versions to be made,  one with a Bihari person and the other one with a UP person.”

While Aaj Thakrey was giving these views, he was interrupted by a call from KCR. KCR apparently wanted to dub this new Marathi remake in Telugu. Tentatively titled, Anjaneya Anna, movie will show a hero from Telangana helping a Andhra guy working in a software firm in Hyderabad  reach his home state  safely.

Not to be left behind in climbing the Everest of stupidity, Bhojpuri producers, inspired by two Rupee person KKR, announced their plans to make a Bhojpuri remake. Story, obviously, would be to show a Hanuman Bhaiyya helping a Marathi kid reach her home safely in Maharashtra.

If rumors are to be believed, West Bengal too, is contemplating a remake of movie. No awards for guessing the script; Bengali hero helping a Bangladeshi reach his motherland.

One of the producers told us on the conditions of anonymity, “There is huge demand from international movie industry also. Iran-Iraq wants a remake. Israelis and Palestinians want a remake. Even Hollywood wants a remake. Only issue for USA is that they are not able to zero down on one enemy country; so many of them to choose from.”

In an unrelated and unconfirmed report, right wing group VHP has expressed great pleasure in recent happening. The chief has said, “See the huge response Ghar Wapsi is getting. We told you, people love Ghar Wapsi and  it is in our national interest too.”