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Banning Accidental PM because it distorts history by showing a talking Manmohan Singh: Kamal Nath

28, Dec 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

Bhopal: Ever since the release of its trailer, Accidental Prime Minister is attracting a lot of controversy ahead of its release.

First Maharashtra Youth Congress threatened to stop the film’s release if it is not shown to them first, and now Madhya Pradesh CM Kamal Nath is reportedly going to ban the film. The film in based on Sanjay Baru’s book of the same name but since books are only bought, and not read these days, nobody is quite sure what the content is going to be in the film.

Speaking to the press while standing in a line to get Urea near Bhopal, Mr Kamal Nath said ,”We don’t want to put any restrictions on any work of art but at the same time, we should make sure that we are not distorting the history. Make films, make as many films as you want, but if you are going to make a film on true events, it is your duty to show the truth.”

“We saw the trailer and in that, we saw that Anupam Kher was talking all the time. If he is going to impersonate Manmohan Singh, then he must remain in character. They have disrespected our Prime Minister and his legacy, theek hai?” Kamal Nath added and asked if the reporters are satisfied with the explanation.

Meanwhile, BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra has also attacked the film for misrepresenting history. He said that Manmohan Singh isn’t shown wearing a raincoat at all even though Modi Ji had clearly said in the Parliament that Dr. Singh was wearing a raincoat during UPA years.

In a bid to ensure a smooth release, film’s producers have assured Mr. Kamal Nath that all the dialogues of Dr. Manmohan Singh are already shown in the trailer and there are no more dialogues. They have also assured Mr. Patra that Anupam Kher is wearing a raincoat in the rest of the scenes.