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With Baywatch failing to make money, producers to shoot sequel on Juhu beach in Mumbai to cover losses

31, May 2017 By @jurnoleast

Priyanka Chopra’s Baywatch, which was released last week, failed to create any magic at the box-office prompting producers of the movie to look for ways to cover the losses incurred.


Sources say that producers of the movie are looking at shooting the sequel at a ‘low cost location’. “Most of the production costs could be taken care of if we move to a different location. And Juhu beach in Mumbai is definitely on our radar,” said Dwayne Johnson, Producer of the movie.

A spokesperson close to the actress refused  to accept the theory of Baywatch  not doing well and say  that the entire idea came about after Priyanka Chopra met PM Narendra Modi in Berlin while promoting her movie. PM seems to have urged the actress to ‘Make in India’, which got the team to the country

The news of a Hollywood movie being shot on Juhu beach got the local administration scampering to get the beach free from garbage that is littered all over.

Dwellers in shanties nearby, who use the beach as a restroom each morning, have been asked to make alternate arrangements which is causing them inconvenience. But not everybody is complaining. “Haan thoda takleef hai. Lekin woh log promise kiya picture mein side hero ka role milega. Matlab sirf beach pe chaddi pehenke bhaagneka hai aur kuch nahi,” said one dweller.

Our Hollywood sources revealed that Dwayne Johnson will be visiting Mumbai soon and could be seen sprinting on Juhu beach. But he has been asked to get rid the muscular look and reduce himself to a more lean looking frame. “Yes it’s true. Given the current situation in India surrounding beef, his ‘beefed’ up look might create some problem. And the producers do not want to take any chances,” said the source.