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Besharam gets a bumper opening after Taran Adarsh gives it just 1.5 stars

03, Oct 2013 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. Ranbir Kapoor torturer starrer Besharam, which released yesterday, opened to packed houses after leading 5 star enthusiast film critic gave it just 1.5 stars in his review.

“Taran Adarsh is the most unbiased critic. We eagerly wait for his reviews before booking movie tickets. We have never seen him rate a movie as low as this. Earlier he had given 2.5 stars to Rang De Basanti and the movie turned out to be a masterpiece, so we started looking forward to his reviews. This time the moment we saw him rate Besharam with 1.5 stars, we were sure this one’s going to be a classical gem,” said a family of 4 who just about managed to get the tickets in black by selling off their Mira Road flat.

As per sources Insurance covers are also being sold at the ticket counters.
As per sources, Insurance covers are also being sold at the ticket counters.

Earlier Taran Adarsh had given 4 stars to Chennai Express, which had helped the movie-crazy family to hold on to their flat for a few weeks more.

“We saw his review the moment we boarded a taxi to the multiplex. We immediately changed our plan and decided to watch Mumbai local instead of Chennai Express after reading the review. He had been consistent in his reviews so far. Don’t know what happened this time,” said the head of the now devastated family, who are not only homeless now, but who had to watch Besharam too.

“The only good thing is that we have sold off our TV too. They are showing promos of Chennai Express‘ world TV premiere, while Besharam could soon be on TV,” the head of the family added.

Meanwhile the film which reportedly opened to a comparatively dull start but started picking up late in the afternoon the moment Taran Adarsh’s review was out.

But majority of moviegoers were disappointed after watching the film and blasted Taran for slipping up this time as the film didn’t turn out to be the epic saga they had thought.

“What the f*ck is this?,” screamed a man whose last name was not Goswami, “I am sure he did it on purpose. Now one can’t trust any movie reviews!”

But a few loyal Taran Adarsh fans have given the trade analyst cum movie critic a benefit of doubt.

“Probably 2,3, & 4 keys on his keyboard were not functioning properly,” said Rajeev, a Taran troll fan.

As per the latest reports, Taran has apologized for the goof-up and after consulting Suresh Raina has blamed his nephew for hacking into his system and changing the rating from the original 5 stars.