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"Beta at least drugs hi lelo" - an emotional Salim Khan tells Arbaaz and Sohail after watching Sanju

02, Jul 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Sanju was a cinematic masterpiece, for sure. All the actors did a great job. We are sure a lot of them will take home several awards this year. But was the movie a dishonest biopic? Well, that’s what some of the people on Twitter think. The outrage against the film is only getting stronger with each passing day. The drug phase of the superstar is a major part of the movie and Ranbir gets the act pretty right. He is able to convey through his mannerisms the emotions baba went through in that difficult phase. But people do feel that the phase has been glorified a bit and it can promote drug abuse in teenagers who think getting out of a drug phase is a bigger achievement than actually staying away from drugs.

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Salim Khan who had the opportunity to watch ‘Sanju’ felt very emotional and personally called up Sanjay Dutt to express his sympathy towards him. Salim Khan thinks that what Sanjay Dutt did to get his life back on track and become the superstar that he takes immense guts and willpower.  He surely believes that a drug phase can resurrect the careers of Sohail and Arbaaz. Sohail and Arbaaz are the younger brothers of superstar Salman Khan and they are popularly known as ‘the younger brothers of Salman Khan’. They did try their hands on acting, direction, reality shows, and almost everything but were not very successful.

Salim Khan truly believes that having a difficult life like Sanjay Dutt can inspire you to aim for better things in life. If one doesn’t see failure often than one becomes complacent and wastes his life in doing nothing. This according to the most famous writer the industry ever produced is the best time for Sohail and Arbaaz to take their careers seriously.