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Bigg Boss 8 will feature only dogs for better family viewing

08, Nov 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. The producers of reality show Bigg Boss have decided that the next version will have only dogs as inmates. This decision was taken after the current dog in the house received all round praise for his behavior.

“We had earlier read reports about dogs being more cultured than their owners, but we thought it was faking news, but now we are getting real feedback about the dog being the most cultured being on the show,” a representative of Colors TV confirmed.

Bigg Boss dog
Dog named “Heaven” currently feeling nothing like that in the alleged reality show

Since the show had earlier attracted criticisms from civil groups and I&B Ministry for being unfit for family viewing, the producers are now planning to have a new season that will feature only dogs.

“Last month we got a notice, and earlier too we were criticized for showing intimate scenes such as those between Ashmit Patel and Veena Malik. Now we can’t control the behavior of our inmates,” the representative claimed, rejecting the charges that everything was “scripted”.

“But with proper training, we can control behavior of dogs,” the representative added, “I think they will make lesser noise, they will play better games, and they will have better occasional fights too.”

The representative didn’t confirm if they could send a human being among the dogs for the next season.

“Don’t think the dogs would enjoy that, even if we send someone who is a dog lover or someone who is referred to as a dog everywhere on internet,” the Colors TV representative said.

While the channel is claiming that they undertook this step because they wanted to have a show that is fit for family viewing, sources suggest that there are commercial motives.

“Dogs are not too costly to hire and they speak a language that can be understood across India. This will save costs while increase the TRPs. This is purely a business decision,” a source claimed.

It’s not yet sure if Salman Khan will continue to host the show that will have only dogs or the job could be given to someone like Kamaal R Khan, or even Aamir Khan, who once named his dog “Shah Rukh”.

“I will watch as long as Sallu bhai is there,” said a Bigg Boss and Salman Khan fan, “As it is, Bhai is known to treat contestants like dogs so it won’t be much of a problem for him to adjust.”