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Bigg Boss housemates' luxury budget skills to be used in India's next budget, says Finance Ministry

03, Nov 2017 By RT

New Delhi. As fiscal deficit touches an all-time high, the Finance Ministry is looking for help wherever available. With brilliant luxury budget skills, the Bigg Boss housemates are the readily available resources, and they are not going anywhere for the next 65 days. ‘India’s next budget will be drafted by the Bigg Boss housemates. It is a task’, announced a top official from the finance ministry.


“The Bigg Boss housemates know how to get the maximum out of every budget that will most likely satisfy all the housemates. They will just have to scale up their skills from few hundreds to a few lakh crores. Crores is not a new thing for many of them anyway. We are very excited about this new team in our midst during the next budget season,” the Finance ministry official told Faking News.

“For once, would it not be nice if the people who have earned it are budgeting to decide how to spend it? And also more importantly, by the people who know very well that they are not allowed to over spend. Economy is a field where everyone is entitled to have an opinion. There are more online economists in the country than the unfortunate few who are jobless with masters in economics and do not have enough money to own a computer or access Internet. I want my favorite bigg boss contestant to chair the budget committee,” an ardent bigg boss fan told Faking News.

Meanwhile, Dhinchak Pooja is writing a new theme song for the Indian fiscal budget in particular and about the world economy at large, it is learnt by Faking News.