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With Bigg Boss over, man returns to news debates to watch endless fighting

01, Feb 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: India’s biggest reality show Bigg Boss finally got over this Sunday with Manveer Gujjar winning the show. For over 100 days, Bigg Boss viewers enjoyed the fights and arguments over trivial issues every night. Now that the show is over, many fans have started showing withdrawal symptoms and in desperation, some of them have turned to news debates to get their daily fix of pointless fights.

Bigg Boss
Bigg Boss- The longest running Fight Club

35 yrs old Arjun, who never missed a Bigg Boss episode, is now watching news debates every night to compensate for Bigg Boss. Arjun had stopped watching news debates last year after getting fed up of all the shouting and the extreme negativity being portrayed there but now the debates are coming to his rescue in the time of need.

“I used to be a regular viewer of news debates earlier but after I started suffering from depression, my doctor advised me to stay away from them. At that time I turned to Bigg Boss and instantly loved the show. I could see all the fighting and shouting without getting depressed because they are at least not running the country. For over 3 months, I peacefully got my daily fix of the fights before going to sleep”, Arjun told Faking News.

Further, he added ,”However, once the show came to an end last weekend, I started suffering badly. I just couldn’t sleep on Monday and kept shaking and sweating all through Tuesday. I even tried picking up a fight with my wife but she ignored me thinking I must be drunk. In my desperation, I switched over to a news channel and once I saw people shouting at each other, I immediately felt at ease. Kab neend aayi, pata tak nahin chala.”

However, Arjun is not planning to return to news debates full time and has requested Colors TV to start a new version of Bigg Boss that runs 365 days an year.