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Bigg Boss takes a hit, contestants say difficult to fake emotions and tears without onions 

06, Dec 2019 By @jurnoleast

The price rise and scarcity of onions has not just affected the common man. Contestants from Bigg Boss also seem to be at the receiving end. Shortage of onions on the sets of the show has led to many contestants finding it difficult to ‘well up’ for emotional scenes.

bigg boss

A source working for show said, “We usually have few onions handy just in case. But with the shortage, it has become difficult for contestants to emote. Not everybody is Neha Kakkar that you start crying at the drop of a hat.”

Though the show provides glycerine to those who want it, some prefer onions. And the producers of the show are now planning to re-script the show given the present quandary that they have go into.

Industry insiders say that the problem has now spread to other shows as well. Dance reality shows where performers narrate their sob stories followed by a howling marathon by the judges are also in a fix.

The industry body has already written a letter to the PM and representatives are also planning to meet the Finance Minister to mitigate the issue.

“Our TRP’s depend on tears. If Govt doesn’t do something quickly, we may have to shut shop,” lamented a show producer.