Bihar student who ate a lot before exam after listening to Bollywood actor's ‘CHEAT DAY’ meal falls asleep and misses the exam

22, Feb 2019 By Guest Patrakar

Patna. There is no doubt in the fact that Bollywood stars look stunning in their every look and attire. And to attain this charm, we all know that they work hard on their diets and daily regimes. But then, at the end of the day, these celebs too are humans and so, they fall prey to temptations and food cravings at times. Most of the celebrities call it a cheat day when they indulge in their guilty food pleasures. But a Bihari student had to pay dearly as he misunderstood the meaning of ‘Cheat Day’.

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We are talking about Shwetank Srivasta, a student from the Patna region of Bihar. Shwetank has been a long term cheater in exams and has cheted in all his exmas. But his marks or grades have never reflected the hard work he puts in his cheating. It was only some days back that he read bout Ranveer Singh’s cheat food and thought eating this food would make him cheat well in exams. He forgot that cheat day has a totally different meaning. What transpired afterward is a story which personifies Irony. Yes, Shwetank fell asleep after filling his stomach and had to miss the exam.

It was only after his father came home and inquired about his exam paper did he reveal the story and faced the wrath of his parents. It is strict advice to students from all parts of India to stop following Bollywood blindly.