Bobby Deol spreads rumour that his Whatsapp is hacked and someone else is operating it, finally gets replies on his old messages

04, Nov 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. Bobby Deol made a great comeback with Housefull4, but there were times when no one used to reply to his messages, in fact most of them don’t do it now too. He was pretty depressed at people behaving in such a ruthless manner with him. 2 days back he spread a rumor that his Whatsapp is operated by someone else and he has no clue who is doing it. Suddenly he got replies to all the messages even those which were sent by him 4-5 years back.

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Last week, Facebook, the parent company of WhatsApp, alleged that Israeli cybersecurity company NSO used WhatsApp servers to spread spyware Pegasus.

Among the 1,400 users targeted across 20 nations were 121 Indian journalists, activists, lawyers and senior government officials, who were spied on for a two-week period in April before the national elections. Bobby, though doesn’t come in this elite list, used this scenario to his advantage by telling his friends that his WA account is hacked.

Soon the message spread in Bollywood circles. Currently the situation is such that he is getting 1000 messages per hour and he has hired an employee who chats with people. In fact many have offered him movies on WA and he is still in the process of finalizing the scripts.