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Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan returns his National award, says angry because PM Modi not using Syska LED bulbs

29, Oct 2015 By @jurnoleast

Mumbai: The trend of returning awards has now reached a level where even Bollywood is not exempt. The latest addition to the list of award returnees is actor Irrfan Khan, who has returned his National award to protest against PM Narendra Modi.

Please use Syska LED bulbs
Please use Syska LED bulbs

Apparently, the bollywood actor was not happy with the response he got for his ‘use Syska LED’ appeal. The actor took some time out from his schedule to speak to our reporter.

“Yes it is true that I have decided to return my award to protest against the dictatorship and intolerance I have experienced against the brand I am endorsing. Although, he(PM Modi) introduced a campaign to distribute LED bulbs, there is hardly any mention of me or Syska. Kab se keh raha hu be, tum badlo dunia badlegi. Par meri koi sunta hi nahi hai,” Irrfan Khan said in his typical nonchalant style.

“I am worried about India’s future. If mainstream actors like me are treated like this then what will happen of the common man. I also came to know that cops raided Kerala Bhavan and took a few people in custody after there was a complaint that Syska bulbs were being installed there,” he added.

“All that I have been reading in the newspaper for the last few days is artist returns, filmmaker returns, writer returns, mummy returns, singham returns and all that. So I thought I will also return,” he explained.

Irrfan’s rebellion has struck a chord with many bollywood personalities. Apparently, celebs are planning a protest march at India Gate holding LED bulbs in their hands.

Open letters were sent by many to PMO, expressing their anguish. “So many open letters have been addressed to us and awards returned in the past few months that we are now seriously thinking of starting a ‘Ministry of Open Letters and Award Returns’, just to deal with them,” said a source from PMO.

Meanwhile, there were some from bollywood who appeared to be desperate. Actress Ashmita Patel, who desperately wanted to join the bandwagon, was seen tweeting, ‘Can someone please help me find something which I can return’.