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Bollywood to counter boycott threat by sending out of work actors to support Fawad Khan

04, Oct 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: Worried over possible boycott of their upcoming films if they keep supporting Pakistani artists, Bollywood has come up with a new strategy. From now on, only out of work actors and directors will be sent to news studios to support the Indian stay of Pakistani artists in general and Fawad Khan in particular.

Fawad Khan
The man dividing Bollywood in 2 camps..

As the tensions rose along LOC, many people protested against the presence of Pakistani nationals in Indian film industry. MNS went as far as issuing a 48 hrs ultimatum to them to get back to Pakistan. However, Bollywood is not ready to give up on these artists and the Pakistan market without a fight. Several people, from Salman Khan to Mahesh Bhatt, Karan Johar to Om Puri have spoken in their support. However, after such statements, many Bollywood personalities are running the risk of facing boycotts for their films in their biggest market.

“Whenever you say something that is against the general mood of the people, you run the risk of facing a boycott call for your next film. Now we wanted to support our colleagues from across the border, people like Fawad Khan, without taking any commercial hit. Therefore, we came up with this idea of asking people with no work to go to news studios and support our colleagues from Pakistan. We will reassure them that in exchange, they will be given work once the situation normalizes again”, a film producer said.

“We have already started this process as you may have noticed on TV for the past couple of days. Slowly we will keep increasing their numbers and shortly, you will only see out of work actors in news debates. We will get to place our point of view, no film will get boycotted, everyone wins”, the producer added.

Meanwhile, a leading news anchor has stated that he doesn’t care whether they send Salman or Fardeen, as long as he has a person to scold every night.