Bollywood demands Nobel Peace Prize for Imran Khan as he is giving peace to audiences by not doing any movies

05, Mar 2019 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai. Pakistan’s prime minister Imran Khan has rejected calls to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize after a flare-up in tensions with neighboring India. Mr Khan responded to petitions started this weekend by fans to give him the Nobel Prize, saying he was “not worthy” of the plaudit. But one person who according to Bollywood does deserve the award is actor Imran Khan. Imran has been out of work for ages now and lives so peacefully that no one knows that he exists.


Remember Imran Khan? Aamir Khan’s nephew and Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na actor. Yes, the same guy. It’s been three years since Imran has been missing from the arclights. His last film as an actor was Katti Batti with Kangana Ranaut. The film bombed and so did Imran’s acting career. No one in Bollywood knows where Imran Khan is. Even Aamir doesn’t have the time to find out where he is.

Aamir is not taking the extra effort to find out where his nephew is as he fears that he will have to re-launch him if he ever gets in contact with Imran. Aamir had received a lot of flak for casting him and backing him consistently in spite of his poor acting.

The Nobel Peace Prize committee has no problem in nominating Imran for the peace award but they are unsure whether Imran will come to receive the prize at all if he wins it.