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Bollywood star expresses opinion on a socio-political issue with no release in sight, shocks industry

14, Jul 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: Leading Bollywood star Aaj Kapoor expressed his opinion on a socio-political topic in India surprising everyone in the industry. The reason behind the surprise was that Aaj Kapoor has no movies lined up for release; his next release is scheduled for late 2017.

Is baar humne kuch nahi bola bhai….

It is a rule in Bollywood that film stars must start commenting on socio-political issues in the country as the date of release of their film draws closer. This helps generate controversy and the film gets some free publicity along with it. However, Aaj has broken this convention and risks upsetting many Bollywood figures.

“We don’t have a problem with his opinion. In fact, I didn’t even read what he has actually said but why did he say it? He has no release coming up, he is shooting for 3 films so he isn’t out of work either then why this publicity stunt? This is a very surprising incident”, said Yasir Khan, a leading Bollywood actor.

“The moment a Bollywood actor says something, people start wondering when is their next release and then they start discussing the film ignoring our comment. That is the cycle of publicity. Now, after Aaj’s unacceptable behavior, people may start thinking our concern for the society is not linked to our movie releases at all. That pretty much breaks our publicity cycle. As a superstar, Aaj should have been more careful. Expressing opinion randomly, who does he think he is, Anupam Kher”, Yasir added.

Bollywood’s bigwigs are planning to call on Aaj and advise him that he should not be setting such bad precedent and should leave opinions to stars with movie releases lined up or with strugglers waiting for their big opportunity.

When we contacted Aaj for his reaction to the story, he said ,”I didn’t give any opinion. I just asked someone where can I get beef around here and a reporter overheard me. Next thing I know, he ran a story saying that Aaj Kapoor slams the government for beef ban and demands immediate removal of the ban.”