Bollywood star uses her own legs to walk, impresses everyone

16, Sep 2019 By Sandeep Kadian
Mumbai: A young Bollywood star, Random Kapoor, was spotted walking at the Mumbai Airport earlier today using her own legs. This heroic and inspirational act by the young lady has left everyone in awe of her. Random, who made her debut in a random Johar film last year, has shown with this act that she is a real hard worker and every bit as much of a common person as any of the viewers watching her films.
The incident happened at 7 AM today when a senior journalist, Khoji Singh, was loitering outside Mumbai Airport to catch a glimpse of the Bollywood celebs arriving and departing from the Airport. Initially, Khoji couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw this mega star walking and thought his hangover is playing tricks on him. However, when Ms Kapoor came a little closer, he could clearly see that she was walking, and using her own legs to do that!
The news spread like wildfire and within 2 minutes, 100 journalists gathered at the spot to see this heroic act. Recognizing the seriousness of the news, most editors pulled everyone from Taimur beat and sent them to the Airport to cover this momentous occasion. The news went viral instantly and hashtags on this event were trending across the world.
Throughout all this, Random Kapoor stayed humble and said she just hopes that everyone can take inspiration from her act and starts using their own legs to walk.
Meanwhile, Random kapoor’s PR agency announced bonus for their entire staff for another successful campaign.