Bollywood stars checking collections of their previous films in Tamil Nadu before deciding the stand on Jallikattu

19, Jan 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: As a number of celebrities from Kollywood come out in support of Jallikattu, their counterparts in Bollywood have started thinking about taking a stand as well. However, unlike the actors from Tamil Nadu, Bollywood celebrities aren’t quite sure whether they should support or oppose Jallikattu. In order to come to a decision, many of them are checking the money their movies make in Tamil Nadu. If the collections are significant, they plan to support Jallikattu and if the collections are negligible, they will oppose it to portray themselves as animal lovers. Jallikattu

Earlier, many Bollywood celebrities had supported a ban on Jallikattu but now with huge public support for the traditional sport, quite a few are reconsidering their position to get maximum benefit from the situation.

“Supporting animal rights is good PR but offending an entire market is bad for business. Therefore, we must know how much money our films are making in Tamil Nadu to come to an informed opinion. We know Hindi movies don’t do that well there but still, if the collections are a significant percentage, I will look at the option of supporting this Tamil tradition”, a leading actor from the B-Town told Faking News.

A struggling actress voiced the same thought as she said ,”My movies haven’t done well at all over the past couple of years so I need all the support I can get. If even a few hundred watch my films in the state, I will extend my full support for Jallikattu, maybe the audience for my films will go from few hundreds to few thousands. On the other hand, if nobody is watching my films, then who cares what they are protesting for.”

When we asked the lady if she has ever seen Jallikattu, she said ,”No but I have read a PETA tweet about it so I am pretty well informed.”