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Bollywood threatens to re-release RGV Ki Aag if Sanjay Dutt is not pardoned

23, Mar 2013 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai. Bollywood and Television industry came together as one today and passed a resolution stating that unless Sanjay Dutt was pardoned in the illegal arms case, RGV Ki Aag will be released again in India.

It will be the only film to release this coming Friday; no other film will be released. Films currently running successfully, like superstar Jackky Bhagnani’s Rangrezz will be removed from the theaters. TV channels will play RGV Ki Aag on loop and no other TV show, film, sports event will be shown.

Amitabh Bachchan had similar expressions when he saw RGV Ki Aag as a common man

Speaking exclusively to Faking News, Mr. Mahesh Bhatt, who presided over the meeting said, “We can’t let Sanjay Dutt go to prison, not when 250 Crores of industry’s money is riding on him, not after the 20 years of suffering he has already endured. We needed to show the governor that we are serious about this case, which is why we were forced to take this drastic step. Bollywood and TV industries have put aside their differences for this noble cause.”

“I had proposed my own films but industry experts felt that my movies disgust viewers instead of scaring them, and we need to scare the people right now. Logon ka darna zaroori hai, and that’s why Ramu’s film was chosen”, Mahesh Bhatt added.

As per sources, other films that were considered included Drona, Mela, Tees Maar Khan, and Ra.One, but RGV Ki Aag eventually got the vote of the majority.

“This is discrimination. I don’t know why I am always targeted despite giving over 2 decades to this industry,” Shahrukh Khan fumed after rejection of Ra.One and embraced Shirish Kunder, whose Tees Maar Khan was also rejected.

On the other hand, Aamir Khan claimed that he was happy that Mela was rejected, which proved that his movies were perfect. Abhishek Bachchan didn’t comment on rejection of Drona as he has become attuned to such developments.

“Finally, it’s me, and not great movie makers like Karan Johar, who has come to Bollywood’s rescue,” Ram Gopal Verma tweeted and gave his consent for the initiative.

When asked whether Justice Katju supports this initiative by the film industry, Mr. Bhatt said, “We gave him a DVD of the film last night to review it; so he has seen the film, first film he has seen in 40 years, but he hasn’t spoken a word since morning. Maybe it is the shock of watching a movie after so long or maybe it is RGV’s impact, we don’t know. We will take his feedback when he returns to eccentricity normalcy.”

This decision by Bollywood has left human rights activists confused. They are currently evaluating who needs their sympathy more – Sanjay Dutt or the 1.2 billion people who will be subjected to RGV Ki Aag once again.