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Boney Kapoor approaches Rajnath Singh to play Mr. India in the sequel after finding him invisible during all issues

24, Nov 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

According to the reports, Sridevi is gearing up for the sequel to her blockbuster film ‘Mr. India’ that starred Anil Kapoor in the titular role and released in the late ’80s. The rumours about the movie’s sequel have been doing the rounds in the media since long time now and reportedly, Sridevi has started working on the same. Producer Boney Kapoor has even zeroed in on the lead cast which will include Rajnath Singh ji playing Mr. India. The decision was easy one for Boney as Rajnath has the personal experience and skill set to become invisible whenever needed.


With so many issues going on in the country, GST debate, demonetization debate, Padmavati row, naxalism, Cow-vigilantes, one thing that stays constant in all issues is Rajnath ji’s invisibility. Rajnath Singh ji is very difficult to track down. He seldom gives any press interviews or public appearances. Most of his tweets are handled by his social media team. The only problem Boney is facing after deciding upon the casting is how to meet Rajnath to narrate the script. Boney has been waiting outside Rajnath’s house since last 5 days to try to meet him but Rajnath being Rajnath, it seems he is already in the character.

The winter session of the parliament is as much important for the country as it is for Boney Kapoor. It is quiet possible that Rajnath might attend the winter session and it would be an apt place to catch hold of him and narrate the story. Lets hope that the deserving person and the most talented one gets to play the iconic role of Mr. India.