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Boney Kapoor to consult Arsenal defenders for inputs on invisibility for his Mr. India sequel

02, Dec 2019 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai. Arsenal played its first match under new manager Freddie Ljungberg and the problems were still the old ones. Their defence was again invisible for the most part of their game against Norwich. But not everything is gloomy at Arsenal.

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They have found an admirer in Boney Kapoor who is likely to make Mr. India sequel anytime soon. Boney wants to learn from Arsenal players about the art of invisibility as Arsenal players are the masters at it.

Boney Kapoor has scheduled a meeting with Arsenal players, obviously with the permission of the Gunners board and he will likely want inputs from all great defenders like Mustafi, Chambers, and Sokratis. This bunch is literally invisible during all matches and Boney is highly impressed with them.

With this measure, Boney will save a lot on VFX and other technical resources required for the movie. If the players train the next Mr. India which will most likely be Anil Kapoor again, the process of shooting will become a bit easy. Arsenal Board will make some fortune out of the deal and such deals are the way going forward for a team that is unlikely to attract investors who will put in more money.

Faking News is continuously keeping tabs on the meeting and will update you with the happenings soon.