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Book written by ex-member of Gabbar Singh gang reveals Gabbar had a girlfriend

22, Jun 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. Popular culture and history books suggest that noted bandit Gabbar Singh was a ruthless killer with no time for tender human emotions, but a new book is all set to change that.

Kohram Singh, a former member of the much feared gang of Ramgarh, in his sensational book “Rangeela Gabbar (RaGa)”, has claimed that the dreaded dacoit had a girlfriend named Kajari.

The RaGa author, who unlike Kalia and Sambha was a low key team member of the gang, has revealed many other hidden secrets about Gabbar, which till date was unknown to the world.

Gabbar Singh
Kohram Singh, the man encircled in the photo.

“What you saw in Sholay was the ugly side of Gabbar Singh, but in reality, there was other side of him too, a much softer side. Director of the movie ignored those things, maybe because he was paid by Thakur,” claimed Kohram Singh in an exclusive interview with Faking News.

“But when Gabbar died in captivity last year (his mercy petition was rejected by President Pranab Mukherjee), I promised to myself that one day I would tell the world, who real Gabbar was,” Kohram said.

As per a chapter from the book, Gabbar’s girlfriend Kajari lived in Ramgarh and Gabbar often used to meet her whenever he visited Ramgarh for non-looting reasons.

“Sardar would often dress up like real sardar, a Sikh, and meet her. Did you ever wonder why there was no Sikh character in Sholay even though there were Hindus and Muslims? Now you know! The writer was paid by Thakur to remove it from the movie!” Kohram Singh revealed startling facts.

However, all was not well between Gabbar and Kajari, the book claims. While Gabbar was deeply in love with his profession as a dacoit, Kajari wanted to have a normal life like Basanti.

“After first few months of their relationship, she started persuading Sardar to quit his current job and buy a beach side villa in Goa. Bhabhi loved beaches while Sardar loved mountains. This is why they broke up,” Kohram revealed the tragic end of the love story, almost as tragic end as that of Jai’s in the movie.

“Sardar never got into relationship with any girl after that,” the RaGa writer added, “He would watch songs like Mehbooba-O-Mehbooba and recall his romantic days, but never fell in love again with another girl.”

Kohram’s revelations have been evaluated by historians, who say that they could well be the truth.

“This very much reveals the mystery of why a powerful man like Gabbar was without any girl in Sholay,” pointed out noted Bollywood historian Ram Gopal Guha, who wrote best selling books “Ramgarh Before Gabbar” and “Ramgarh After Gabbar”.

A chapter in Rangeela Gabbar further reveals that it was frustration of losing his girlfriend that made Gabbar ask Basanti to dance and prove her love towards Veeru.

Reportedly, Kajari is still alive and she lives somewhere in Goa. Kohram Singh refused to disclose her address as he feared that news channels will hound her.