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Boy Sending End Game Spoilers Through WhatsApp Taken Under Custody

08, May 2019 By Guest Patrakar
Dear spoilers’ brigade beware! A Gurgaon boy has been detained by Haryana Police for spreading the spoilers of Avengers End Game through WhatsApp. The boy is 25 and his name is Nikunj Mahivaal. We got in touch with the local police and asked for the details about it.
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CP Gurgaon police Vijender Rathi told us “We have detained the boy under the Prevention Of Disclosure Of Secrets Act so that he does not cause any further damage. The action was taken after Avenger’s producers called us to complain. He used SM platforms like Whatsapp and Facebook to spread spoilers. There were complaints by many other people too against the boy.”
We asked the boy why he indulged in such a shameful act. He replied “I’m an engineer which means I’m single and broke by birth. When I saw couples planning for this movie and the collection that the Avengers makers would be getting, I got furious. I decided to watch this on Torrent and spoil the fun for both makers and couples. That’s why I did this.”
As per sources, Nikunj will be released after being charged a slight fine as soon as the movie gets stale.