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Boy slips into depression after listening to songs, family plans to sue Arijit Singh

14, Jun 2015 By jineshnotjignesh

Udaspur. An unnerving and surprising news broke when our sources claimed that a man slipped into depression while listening to Arijit Singh songs.

Chandan Chitwan(19) was first found in a depressed state when the house maid Sucku Bai, barged in to clean his room. On further inspection, it was found out that Chandan was listening to ‘Arijit Singh Special’ show on Radio Haldi 99.24 FM. Our reporter from Faking News asked the parents of the boy to comment on the situation.

Can you please sing happy songs
Can you please sing happy songs

His parents said, “Chandan has always been a normal boy. Always stays at home, never talks back, or even talks to anyone, plays online games most of the time. We are sure it was Arijit Singh’s songs that got him into this state and we will go on to sue him for this horrendous occurrence.”

Our sources tried getting a comment from the psychiatrist to whom Chandan was taken to, but failed as the psychiatrist denied stating that he will not be breaching the ‘Patient-Doctor Confidentiality’ code. It took the sources some persuading to get some cliff notes from the doctor.

“You see, boys this age do not slip into depression by just one simple occurrence. On talking to him, I found out that this was a build up and Arijit Singh’s songs went on to be the catalyst. On talking to Chandan I found out that  he was an avid fan of online gaming, but had BSNL Broadband connection giving him a sad 50 Kbps speed”, the doctor revealed how Chandan’s troubles started.

“Furthermore he had started watching Game of Thrones and unfortunately made a connection with some characters, which of course, died. I also came to know that his last 4 FreeCharge coupons had expired. And last night all hell broke loose when he sent a message to his crush on WhatsApp, which ended up getting blue ticks, after which he started listening to the songs of Arijit Singh”, the doctor revealed.

“I believe his scars are deep, as whenever I call him by his name he gets annoyed, which is understandable as having a name like ‘Chandan’ in 2015 can be a cause of depression in and itself”, doctor concluded the diagnosis.

We also contacted the man, Mr. Arijit Singh himself, who showed a sign of relief as he came to know about the psychiatrist’s observation. Arijit Singh has been known for having a soulful and soothing voice and singing songs so romantic that even single men somehow start missing their girlfriends.

This is not the first time when a ‘Singh-er’ is in trouble in music industry. It is intriguing that the Indian music industry is dominated by 3 Singhs, Arijit Singh, Mika Singh and Honey Singh, all of them have now notably gotten themselves in trouble.