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Brain behind Bharat Nirman ads roped in by Warner Bros for next fantasy movie

24, Aug 2013 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. With growing demand from fans across the globe to revive the hugely successful Harry Potter series, Warner Brothers have today announced to come up with the 9th installment of the series.

For this, they have roped in the brain behind the Bharat Nirman ads to come up with a fantasy plot for the next movie that is reportedly being called “Harry Potter and Hogwarts Nirman”.

“Man this is just brilliant! Where were these guys all this while? I just can’t imagine how much more we would have earned had we taken them on board for all previous installments,” said the CEO of Warner Bros, who was taken away by group of doctors to stitch his mouth which has been wide open in awe ever since he saw these ads.

Bharat Nirman ad screengrab
“Fantastic!” said the dream merchants

The researchers at Warner Bros were searching for the “ultimate fantasy plot” for their next project, and their search ended at India.

“India is traditionally known to be the land of black magicians and snake charmers, and of late, India is rumored to have grown backwards, so we thought to check if the magicians and charmers are back,” a researcher explained how India was selected.

After going through news reports of a rationalist being killed and another forced to live in exile, Warner Bros were confident that India could give them a primitive plot, but their thirst for fantasy was satisfied by the Bharat Nirman ads.

“I have seen the ads and they are phenomenal work of fantasy,” conceded JK Rowling, who has given her approval to let the Bharat Nirman script the next Harry Potter story.

“I tried my best, but I think I can not come up with anything better,” added Rowling.

Sources say that Warner Bros are mighty impressed with the fact that these 60 seconds ads captured the fantasy of 60 years of rule in the most polished way.

“We could use these to create fantasy movies for the next 60 years,” hoped a Warner Bros executive, “If nowhere else, these movies will surely do well in India.”