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After breakup with NCP, leaders from BJP found listening to Arijit Singh songs 

27, Nov 2019 By @jurnoleast

It was heartbreak for Devendra Fadnavis who helmed the CMs chair for 5 years in Maharashtra. But it was not just him. BJP leaders from across the state were in a melancholic mood after the breakup with NCP. Though it seemed like a brief fling, many leaders were found listening to Ariit Singh’s numbers to drown their sorrow.


“BJP was like that mechanical engineer jisko ek girlfriend ki zaroorat thi, and that’s when NCP walked into our life. Giving us hopes of a happy future ahead. But clearly NCP was just using us to get their assignments done…I mean to get favors from us. And when they were done, NCP just walked away,” said Eknath Khadse while speaking to our reporter. Insiders say that a Whatsapp group was specially created for leaders and party workers to share and listen to these songs.

Ex.CM Devendra Fadnavis’ admitted that his playlist was filled with songs from the bollywood singer. “Though he was smiling on camera, his situation was no different from Ranbir Kapoor in the song ‘acha chalta hoon…duaon me yaad rakhna’. After the press conference yesterday, he has humming ‘Bekhayali from Kabir Singh’, all through the way to his official residence,” revealed his assistant.

As per a report, 90% of those who go through a breakup, end up listening to Arijit Singh. “Even singles who are not in any relationship face post breakup trauma after listening to Arijit. It is like a rite of passage for anyone who has loved and lost, but still is positive, hopeful and somewhat desperate for another relationship.

Earlier this year, revelers at a Dandiya event in Mumbai ended up crying for hours when chief guest for the event Arijit Singh belted out some of his popular numbers.