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Bua Ji gives ‘below expectation’ rating to newlywed after she forgets to touch her feet six times in a day

25, Dec 2017 By dasu

Kanpur: Sarita who is newly married to Abhishek has been trying to do her best she could possibly do to win everyone’s heart in her in-law’s family.

“My mother-in-law is happy when I surprised her by making round roti on day one, my sister-in-law is liking all the imported perfumes I have brought for her as gift. However, I am struggling to keep Bua Ji happy, whatever I do, she finds some fault or other”, said Sarita


Other day Sarita’s papa visited her. Sarita overheard Bua Ji complaining to him, ‘Sarita ko thoda aur respect karna chahiye hum jaisee bujurg logon ko. Baaki sab mein abhi tak woh theek thak hi hai”.

Sarita realized her, ‘mistake’. “First three days I used to touch her feet minimum half dozen times, yesterday I did one less I think. May be once I did not touch both her toes ‘properly’ as she expects me to do every time”.

“In this winter also, being newlywed, I am expected to touch feet of every aunty, uncle who comes here. Bua Ji expects I need to show her ‘respect’ at least once every couple of hours. Eak to fyaada hua hai. No need to go to Gym. I am losing enough calories by bending before the elders”, said Sarita.

Though there are no CDs or video cassettes to prove her claim, Bua Ji never shied away from reminding Sarita, how she was an ‘ideal’ daughter-in-law when she went to her sasural.

Bua Ji who talked ‘so much’ had no other option than demonstrating her bending skill as an elder relative from her sasural visited one day.

“Now she is having severe back pain. She does not want me to touch her feet, instead wants me to use my energy in good use by applying volini cream on her back multiple times”, said Sarita.